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Emoji Plain Text meaning Copy and Paste

๐Ÿถ Dog face Copy

๐Ÿฑ Cat face Copy

๐Ÿญ Mouse face Copy

๐Ÿน Hamster face Copy

๐Ÿฐ Rabbit face Copy

๐Ÿป Bear face Copy

๐Ÿผ Panda face Copy

๐Ÿจ Koala Copy

๐Ÿฏ Tiger face Copy

๐Ÿฆ Lion face Copy

๐Ÿฎ Cow face Copy

๐Ÿท Pig face Copy

๐Ÿฝ Pig nose Copy

๐Ÿธ Frog face Copy

๐Ÿต Monkey face Copy

๐Ÿ™ˆ See-no-evil monkey Copy

๐Ÿ™‰ Hear-no-evil monkey Copy

๐Ÿ™Š Speak-no-evil monkey Copy

๐Ÿ’ Monkey Copy

๐Ÿฆ Gorilla Copy

๐Ÿ” Chicken Copy

๐Ÿง Penguin Copy

๐Ÿฆ Bird Copy

๐Ÿค Baby chick Copy

๐Ÿฃ Hatching chick Copy

๐Ÿฅ Front-facing baby chick Copy

๐Ÿบ Wolf face Copy

๐ŸฆŠ Fox face Copy

๐Ÿ— Boar Copy

๐Ÿด Horse face Copy

๐Ÿฆ“ Zebra Copy

๐Ÿฆ’ Giraffe Copy

๐ŸฆŒ Deer Copy

๐Ÿฆ„ Unicorn face Copy

๐Ÿ Honeybee Copy

๐Ÿ› Bug Copy

๐Ÿฆ‹ Butterfly Copy

๐ŸŒ Snail Copy

๐Ÿž Lady beetle Copy

๐Ÿœ Ant Copy

๐Ÿฆ— Cricket Copy

๐Ÿ•ท Spider Copy

๐Ÿ•ธ Spider web Copy

๐Ÿฆ‚ Scorpion Copy

๐Ÿข Turtle Copy

๐Ÿ Snake Copy

๐ŸฆŽ Lizard Copy

๐Ÿฆ€ Crab Copy

๐Ÿฆ‘ Squid Copy

๐Ÿ™ Octopus Copy

๐Ÿฆ Shrimp Copy

๐Ÿ  Tropical fish Copy

๐ŸŸ Fish Copy

๐Ÿก Blowfish Copy

๐Ÿฌ Dolphin Copy

๐Ÿฆˆ Shark Copy

๐Ÿณ Spouting whale Copy

๐Ÿ‹ Whale Copy

๐ŸŠ Crocodile Copy

๐Ÿ† Leopard Copy

๐Ÿ… Tiger Copy

๐Ÿƒ Water buffalo Copy

๐Ÿ‚ Ox Copy

๐Ÿ„ Cow Copy

๐Ÿช Dromedary camel Copy

๐Ÿซ Bactrian camel Copy

๐Ÿ˜ Elephant Copy

๐Ÿฆ Rhinoceros Copy

๐Ÿ Goat Copy

๐Ÿ Ram Copy

๐Ÿ‘ Sheep Copy

๐ŸŽ Horse Copy

๐Ÿ– Pig Copy

๐Ÿฆ‡ Bat Copy

๐Ÿ“ Rooster Copy

๐Ÿฆƒ Turkey Copy

๐Ÿ•Š Dove of peace Copy

๐Ÿฆ… Eagle Copy

๐Ÿฆ† Duck Copy

๐Ÿฆ‰ Owl Copy

๐Ÿ• Dog Copy

๐Ÿฉ Poodle Copy

๐Ÿˆ Cat Copy

๐Ÿ‡ Rabbit Copy

๐Ÿ€ Rat Copy

๐Ÿ Mouse Copy

๐Ÿฟ Chipmunk Copy

๐Ÿฆ” Hedgehog Copy

๐Ÿพ Paw prints Copy

๐Ÿ‰ Dragon Copy

๐Ÿฒ Dragon face Copy

๐Ÿฆ• Sauropod Copy

๐Ÿฆ– T-Rex Copy

๐ŸŒต Cactus Copy

๐ŸŽ„ Christmas tree Copy

๐ŸŒฒ Evergreen tree Copy

๐ŸŒณ Deciduous tree Copy

๐ŸŒด Palm tree Copy

๐ŸŒฑ Seedling Copy

๐ŸŒฟ Herb Copy

โ˜˜ Shamrock Copy

๐Ÿ€ Four leaf clover Copy

๐ŸŽ Pine decoration Copy

๐ŸŽ‹ Tanabata tree Copy

๐Ÿƒ Leaf fluttering in wind Copy

๐Ÿ‚ Fallen leaf Copy

๐Ÿ Maple leaf Copy

๐ŸŒพ Ear of rice Copy

๐ŸŒบ Hibiscus Copy

๐ŸŒป Sunflower Copy

๐ŸŒน Rose Copy

๐Ÿฅ€ Wilted flower Copy

๐ŸŒท Tulip Copy

๐ŸŒผ Blossom Copy

๐ŸŒธ Cherry blossom Copy

๐Ÿ’ Bouquet Copy

๐Ÿ„ Mushroom Copy

๐ŸŒฐ Chestnut Copy

๐Ÿš Spiral shell Copy

๐ŸŒŽ Earth globe americas Copy

๐ŸŒ Earth globe europe-africa Copy

๐ŸŒ Earth globe asia-australia Copy

๐ŸŒ• Full moon symbol Copy

๐ŸŒ– Waning gibbous moon symbol Copy

๐ŸŒ— Last quarter moon symbol Copy

๐ŸŒ˜ Waning crescent moon symbol Copy

๐ŸŒ‘ New moon symbol Copy

๐ŸŒ’ Waxing crescent moon symbol Copy

๐ŸŒ“ First quarter moon symbol Copy

๐ŸŒ” Waxing gibbous moon symbol Copy

๐ŸŒš New moon with face Copy

๐ŸŒ Full moon with face Copy

๐ŸŒ› First quarter moon with face Copy

๐ŸŒœ Last quarter moon with face Copy

๐ŸŒž Sun with face Copy

๐ŸŒ™ Crescent moon Copy

โญ White medium star Copy

๐ŸŒŸ Glowing star Copy

๐Ÿ’ซ Dizzy symbol Copy

โœจ Sparkles Copy

โ˜„ Comet Copy

โ˜€ Black sun with rays Copy

๐ŸŒค White sun with small cloud Copy

โ›… Sun behind cloud Copy

๐ŸŒฅ White sun behind cloud Copy

๐ŸŒฆ White sun behind cloud with rain Copy

โ˜ Cloud Copy

๐ŸŒง Cloud with rain Copy

โ›ˆ Thunder cloud and rain Copy

๐ŸŒฉ Cloud with lightning Copy

โšก High voltage sign Copy

๐Ÿ”ฅ Fire Copy

๐Ÿ’ฅ Collision symbol Copy

โ„ Snowflake Copy

๐ŸŒจ Cloud with snow Copy

โ˜ƒ Snowman Copy

โ›„ Snowman without snow Copy

๐ŸŒฌ Wind blowing face Copy

๐Ÿ’จ Dash symbol Copy

๐ŸŒช Cloud with tornado Copy

๐ŸŒซ Fog Copy

โ˜” Umbrella with rain drops Copy

๐Ÿ’ง Droplet Copy

๐Ÿ’ฆ Splashing sweat symbol Copy

๐ŸŒŠ Water wave Copy