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Emoji Plain Text meaning Copy and Paste

πŸš— Automobile Copy

πŸš• Taxi Copy

πŸš™ Recreational vehicle Copy

🚌 Bus Copy

🚎 Trolleybus Copy

🏎 Racing car Copy

πŸš“ Police car Copy

πŸš‘ Ambulance Copy

πŸš’ Fire engine Copy

🚐 Minibus Copy

🚚 Delivery truck Copy

πŸš› Articulated lorry Copy

🚜 Tractor Copy

🏍 Racing motorcycle Copy

πŸ›΅ Motor scooter Copy

🚲 Bicycle Copy

πŸ›΄ Kick scooter Copy

🚨 Police cars revolving light Copy

πŸš” Oncoming police car Copy

🚍 Oncoming bus Copy

🚘 Oncoming automobile Copy

πŸš– Oncoming taxi Copy

🚑 Aerial tramway Copy

🚠 Mountain cableway Copy

🚟 Suspension railway Copy

πŸšƒ Railway car Copy

πŸš‹ Tram car Copy

🚝 Monorail Copy

πŸš„ High-speed train Copy

πŸš… High-speed train with bullet nose Copy

🚈 Light rail Copy

🚞 Mountain railway Copy

πŸš‚ Steam locomotive Copy

πŸš† Train Copy

πŸš‡ Metro Copy

🚊 Tram Copy

πŸš‰ Station Copy

🚁 Helicopter Copy

πŸ›© Small airplane Copy

✈ Airplane Copy

πŸ›« Airplane departure Copy

πŸ›¬ Airplane arriving Copy

πŸ›Ά Canoe Copy

β›΅ Sailboat Copy

πŸ›₯ Motor boat Copy

🚀 Speedboat Copy

β›΄ Ferry Copy

πŸ›³ Passenger ship Copy

πŸš€ Rocket Copy

πŸ›Έ Flying saucer Copy

πŸ›° Satellite Copy

πŸ’Ί Seat Copy

βš“ Anchor Copy

🚧 Construction sign Copy

β›½ Fuel pump Copy

🚏 Bus stop Copy

🚦 Vertical traffic light Copy

πŸš₯ Horizontal traffic light Copy

πŸ›‘ Stop sign Copy

🚒 Ship Copy

🎑 Ferris wheel Copy

🎒 Roller coaster Copy

🎠 Carousel horse Copy

πŸ— Building construction Copy

🌁 Foggy Copy

πŸ—Ό Tokyo tower Copy

🏭 Factory Copy

β›² Fountain Copy

πŸŽ‘ Moon viewing ceremony Copy

β›° Mountain Copy

πŸ” Snow capped mountain Copy

πŸ—» Mount fuji Copy

πŸŒ‹ Volcano Copy

πŸ—Ύ Silhouette of japan Copy

πŸ• Camping Copy

β›Ί Tent Copy

🏞 National park Copy

πŸ›£ Motorway Copy

πŸ›€ Railway track Copy

πŸŒ… Sunrise Copy

πŸŒ„ Sunrise over mountains Copy

🏜 Desert Copy

πŸ– Beach with umbrella Copy

🏝 Desert island Copy

πŸŒ‡ Sunset over buildings Copy

πŸŒ† Cityscape at dusk Copy

πŸ™ Cityscape Copy

πŸŒƒ Night with stars Copy

πŸŒ‰ Bridge at night Copy

🌌 Milky way Copy

🌠 Shooting star Copy

πŸŽ‡ Firework sparkler Copy

πŸŽ† Fireworks Copy

🌈 Rainbow Copy

🏘 House buildings Copy

🏰 European castle Copy

🏯 Japanese castle Copy

🏟 Stadium Copy

πŸ—½ Statue of liberty Copy

🏠 House building Copy

🏑 House with garden Copy

🏚 Derelict house building Copy

🏒 Office building Copy

🏬 Department store Copy

🏣 Japanese post office Copy

🏀 European post office Copy

πŸ₯ Hospital Copy

🏦 Bank Copy

🏨 Hotel Copy

πŸͺ Convenience store Copy

🏫 School Copy

🏩 Love hotel Copy

πŸ’’ Wedding Copy

πŸ› Classical building Copy

β›ͺ Church Copy

πŸ•Œ Mosque Copy

πŸ• Synagogue Copy

πŸ•‹ Kaaba Copy

β›© Shinto shrine Copy